Deputy Minister of Rural Development visits Crete

Deputy Minister of Reconstruction of Production, Environment, Energy and Rural Development, Mr. Panagiotis Sgouridis, visits Crete.

During a meeting, held in Chania, Mr. Sgouridis heard all issues and local problems of agricultural and livestock sectors by representatives of local Authorities, Mayors and members of agricultural & livestock associations.

Major issue discussed during the meeting was the definition of livestock areas, as there are more than 600.000 sheep in Chanua Prefecture.

Another issue discussed was the confrontation of olive fruit fly. Staff and money for sprays have been decreased, which means that there will be bad consequences for the production and quality of Cretan olive oil.

It was also mentioned that some olive oil producers mix creran olive oil with imported olive oil, in order to increase their exports and profits, being indifferent for the quality of the product.

Finally, it was mentioned that there is no protection of local Cretan herbs. The manager of Forest Service made a complaint that malotira (local herb found only on Crete) seeds have been produced in Germany and sold as original Cretan seeds.