She stayed in Nepal to teach English to poor children

Clio Roussomoustakaki is the young woman from Sitia, who is “trapped” in Nepal, due to the strong earthquake.

But, why did Clio stay in Nepal?

She went for vacations, along with her boyfriend and her sister.

They arrived in Nepal 15 days ago. Her sister left the country a few days ago, but Clio stayed in Nepal with her boyfriend, because she wanted to teach English to poor children of a small village.

She told her mother about her desire to stay in Nepal.

“She first called her sister. She told her that she is fine and that all infrastructure of the country has been damaged, due to the strong earthquake. She also told her that the airport is closed. She wlaked for two hours to reach the closest village and find a way to inform us via the web”, told the mother of Clio to “Patris” newspaper.

“Her return tickets are for Tuesday. We will see when she will return to Crete”, she mentioned.