Latest opinion poll: SYRIZA still first, but ‘honeymoon’ over

Three main conclusions appear from the latest opinion poll commissioned and published on Friday by – Greece’s leading news site: first, PM Alexis Tsipras remains a “dominant” factor in the government’s popularity; secondly, a “honeymoon period” for the leftist government is over and, finally, that its first 100 days in power weakened the country’s negotiating position.

The poll was conducted between April 28 and 30 on a sample of 1,108 people by the firm Metrisi.

In the all-important voters’ preference figure, ruling SYRIZA is preferred by 34.1 percent of respondents to main opposition New Democracy’s 24.4 percent; centrist Potami is third with 5.7; the Independent Greeks party 5.1, the same percentage as the Communist party; ultra-nationalist Golden Dawn picks up 4.9 percent and PASOK falls to 3.4 percent. The undecided figure was 12.8 percent.

Satisfaction with the government’s work so far is at 49.6 percent, decreased in relation to a March 17 opinion poll.

In the poll, 44 percent of respondents said they believed the government’s first 100 days in power weakened the country’s negotiating position with institutional creditors, as opposed to 41 percent that believe it strengthened the country’s position. Additionally, 36.2 percent of respondents said the situation in Greece is worse today than it was before the election in January; 31.4 percent said the situation was better, 20 percent that it was the same.

Seven in 10 respondents said they do not want the government to adopt a tough position vis-à-vis creditors. As far as respondents who identified themselves as SYRIZA voters, the figures were 47 percent in favor of a tough stance, 41 percent said the opposite.

Asked about the prospect of snap elections, 47.6 percent said they were opposed, to 40.2 percent saying they favored such as prospect in case of an impasse in negotiations with creditors.