Apokoronas council to reduce rates

Apokoronas council decided to reduce rates by 10% to 50% in recognition of the financial difficulties facing residents and businesses in the area in recent years.

The council has also made it easier for business and domestic rate payers to pay back as much of the 3.8 million in overdue rates as possible.

Charalambos Koukianakis, the mayor, said in a statement that the decision to reduce the rates was taken by the previous administration with the full support of the opposition who are now in power. The new council went a bit further making more cuts in the rates.

‘We want to have sustainable businesses providing employment opportunities and growth in our area. We need to help our local businesses to survive’ said Mr Koukianakis, adding that the level of unpaid rates to the council is an indication of how difficult it is for individuals and businesses to meet their obligations. ‘We want to reduce the rates making it easier for businesses and individuals to pay their rates and allow smaller payments for overdue amounts so people can what they can towards their debts, instead of not paying anything at all’, said the mayor.

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