Gory details of 4-year-old’s murder by her father shock Greece

Greek public opinion is in shock following the gory details that are coming to light from the brutal murder of a 4-year-old Bulgarian child by her own father.

Greek police revealed on Monday graphic details of the tragic end of Annie who was declared missing by her Roma Bulgarian parents on April 21.

The 27- year- old father confessed to police that he killed his own girl describing to the police the gruesome details.

A police statement says the Bulgarian national was arrested late Monday, after blood traces in the family’s central Athens apartment were found to match his daughter’s genetic profile.

According to enikos.gr, the father, who on the day of Annie’s disappearance pretended to know nothing, claimed that he woke up and saw his daughter dead.

He said he was afraid of being arrested, so he decided to destroy all evidence.

He cut the lifeless body of his daughter into pieces and boiled them. He then wrapped the remains with aluminum foil and disposed them into rubbish bins in various parts of central Athens.

Question marks remain over the role of the 25-year-old mother who is also detained on suspicion of exposing the little girl to danger and providing false testimony to police.

The woman originally told authorities that she had left the child with an acquaintance whose full name and address she didn’t know, and that the girl then disappeared.


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