“Parents” of murdered 4-year-old led to prosecutors

Under tight security measures the parents of Annie, the 4-year-old Bulgarian girl brutally murdered by her father were led to the prosecutors.

A crowd gathered outside the court jeering the couple.

Many in the crowd yelled as the child’s confessed murderer and mother showed up to provide an initial statement.

Details of the heinous crime have shaken public opinion with stories of daily beatings that little Ani was subjected to by her Bulgarian father, a reputed drug addict, 27, after her mother, 25, left her in his care to go to Germany.

Special cell for the murderer of 4-yr-old girl

The 27-year-old Bulgarian who confessed killing his own 4-year-old daughter will be transferred on Wednesday to the prison in the island of Corfu where he will be staying alone in a cell in order not to have contact with the other inmates.

The confessed killer was to have been sent to a prison in central Greece. The change was made for security reasons.

Greek minister: Child killer will sooner or later meet a violent death

No one can explain or analyse forensically or socially the brutal murder of the 4-year-old girl Annie by her father, Greek Alternate Minister for Civil Protection Yiannis Panousis said during an interview in Real FM.

We are facing a non-human behaviour, so we are dealing with the dark side of human nature which cannot be explained, he added.

Referring to the 27-year old father, the Greek minister said that the child killer will sooner or later meet a violent death, either by committing suicide or by getting killed by another inmate.

with info from enikos.gr and protothema.gr