Chania Airport almost to close!!!

A minor problem to a radio antenna (DME*) of Chania Airport “Daskalogiannis” almost led to its close on Tuesday night.

According to information, there was a minor problem in one of the radio antennas, but the spare part had to be transferred from Athens.

Although the cost was not… great -just 100 euros- the transportation company could not bring it to Chania, due to a last year’s debt.

It has to be mentioned that the total debt to suppliers of the airport exceeds 150.000 euros.

DME had to be replaced due to winter lightning strikes.

Finally, another transportation company from Chania brought the spare part for free.

It also transferred the antenna from the port of Souda to the airport by one of its trucks, due to lack of gasoline in the vehicles of the airport!!!

But, there was also another problem that had to be faced.

There are only two special airplanes of the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority, which can certify that DME system works perfectly.

The first airplane had a mechanical failure and could not fly and the second one had to fly to Germany for its annual service.

According to information, HCAA was informed that Chania Airport would close in case there was no possibility to be certified that DME system was ok.

As reports, the head manager of the airport had also decided to inform all Authorities of Chania about the problem and that he was ready to close “Daskalogiannis” and a NOTAM was about to be issued.

At the last moment, HCAA gave the “green light” for five more flight hours to its second plane, which came to Chania and certified that DME was working and then departed to Germany for its annual service and maintenance.

It also has to be mentioned that the Minister who is responsible for all Greek airports is Mr. Giorgos Stathakis, a SYRIZA MP from Chania, who knows all problems of the airport!


*-Distance measuring equipment (DME) is a transponder-based radio navigation technology that measures slant range distance by timing the propagation delay of VHF or UHF radio signals.

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