Gov’t finds itself facing three days of stressful deliberations

The government is being pressured by time, and worries whether it will be able to reach an agreement with European partners in this ever-tightening noose of a timeline.

The next three days will be of great importance to both sides. The Eurogroup is meeting on Monday, and Maximos Mansion is hoping for a positive statement. Given that lenders have stated that there won’t be an agreement until the 11th of May, they want to see progress in the Brussels Group and the Euroworking Group so that Eurozone’s Finance Ministers send a positive message for Greece.

On the 12th of May, Greece must pay 750 million euros to the IMF.

The ECB’s Board is meeting on Wednesday, in order to decide if it will raise the ELA towards Greek banks as well as for 2 billion euros which it didn’t release last week. The bottom line is that the Eurogroup will be the one which outlines the situation for the ELA.