He is in danger to lose his eye!

No one could imagine what would happen during Saturday night, in a typical night outing.

According to information of cretalive.gr, a quarrel started in a night club.

Some friends were inside the club and when they saw what was happening, they decided to leave as soon as possible.

But, one of them was injured by a “flying” piece of glass.

The 27 year old man was transferred to the General Hospital of Rethymno and then to the University Hospital of Heraklion.

He had a surgery in his eye, but doctors said to his parents that there is a high possibility to lose his eyesight.

Doctors also told to his parents that their child was… lucky, because he could die if the glass hit the carotid.

According to information, there were other injuries in the night club, but no one knows if the Police was informed for the incident.