Chania Airport: Ready to welcome you this summer!

We have received a lot of comments about a previous article in, entitled “Chania Airport: One Step Before Closing?” (see here).

Let’s clear it out. Chania Airport “Daskalogiannis” will not close for any reason!

Despite financial problems and the lack of many basic things to cover its everyday needs (such as fuel for service vehicles or even lack of toilet paper!), Chania Airport is ready to welcome you safely to western Crete.

For all those problems, Fin Min Mr. Giorgos Stathakis is informed.

So, the article was written with only one purpose… to show that Greek Regional Airports offer much more to local economies, than our Gov’t believes!

Chania Airport “offers” more than 10 mil. euros to Greek economy every year, more than any other regional airport. According to official data, “Daskalogiannis” deposits 3.000 euros for every aircraft that takes off from Chania.

It has also to be mentioned that more than 40% of the expansion of the airport has already been constructed, and it is believed that it will be completed by the end of 2015 (including new gates, takeoff runways, landing areas, parking spaces, new traffic control tower, etc.). The total cost of the expansion is more than 100 mil. euros.

And what about its expenses? Both last Greek Gov’ts have not paid the suppliers of “Daskalogiannis”, reaching a total debt of 150.000 euros, from August 2014 until today.

But, the airport still operates great, due to the efforts of all employees… from the airport master to the last worker.

In such critical economic conditions for our country, all Greek regional airports, including “Daskalogiannis”, should operate in the best possible way.

Western Crete breaths and lives from the airport, from the millions of tourists coming to our island. Everyone should show that cares for “Daskalogiannis”…

Pandelis Giaitsis – Chief Editor