Giannis Smaragdis: El Greco exhibition in Bethlehem’s Gate closes irrevocably!

It seems that some people do not know what Greek culture and history mean.

Famous Cretan director of “El Greco” movie, Mr. Giannis Smaragdis, decided to take all exhibits of the movie, from Bethlehem’s Gate at Heraklion, due to the decision of the Municipal Authority to close the exhibition (see here).

In a desperate letter, Mr. Smaragdis mentions that… “I will take all exhibits from Bethlehem’s Gate, IRREVOCABLY, as requested by the Municipal Authority of Heraklion. I am in Antibes, France, where Nicos Kazantzakis lived his last years away from Heraklion, disgusted by malevolent Greeks… A man from Heraklion was telling for Kazantzakis that he was the worst writer of Europe… I also remembered of Socrates. He was sentenced to death and he accepted the desire of his fellow citizens.

The exhibition will close and I will decide -along with my wife- to take all exhibits in a place where they will be loved… I owe something to Kazantzakis and I have to do it… If the Municipal Authority of Heraklion does not want to do the film shooting for the movie of the life of Kazantzakis, then I will not do it. But, if needed, I will speak in public, for everything!

… Thank you and bless you all. As for those who condemn me… I understand them…”