Kissamos In Five Best Coastal Towns of Greece

Although the taste of eggnog and turkey stuffing might still be on your lips, the reality is that we’re already barreling into the summer season and it means it’s time to make holiday plans.

At this point, many turn their heads to the warm shores of Greece and its islands, and for good reason. With a hot, but not uncomfortable climate, beautiful seas and vibrant culture, there’s enough on offer to keep anyone satisfied on their weeks away from reality.

However, such variety also causes a dilemma, where should you set up camp? The most popular options are those that sit on the coast of either Greece’s beautiful mainland and its exotic islands.

Why? Perhaps it’s that ocean breeze, the soft Mediterranean sand or tropical-esque beach huts. Or maybe it has to do with the history of Greece, its proud naval tradition and bustling trade ports eventually evolving small settlements into the vibrant and prosperous towns we know and love today.

Whatever the reason for their popularity may be, here’s our pick of the best Greece has to offer:

  • Athens
  • Oia, Santorini
  • Chora, Mykonos
  • Kissamos, Crete
    Crete is home to many wonders and is an island not to be missed. On its northern coast sits the town of Kissamos, a secluded place perfect for absorbing the smorgasbord of sights, sounds and smells that Crete has to offer. A short distance away from the awe-inspiring Balos Beach, the village itself has quite a few things to offer, including its own exotic beaches and its wine-making reputation. One of the quieter towns in Crete, Kissamos is a truly authentic Greek village, with traditional culture, stunning landscapes in the distance and a wide variety of archaeological history.
  • Old Town, Rhodes

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