Minister Stathakis Reveals Tourism Agenda for Greece

Extending the Greek tourism season, increasing revenue per visitor, approaching new markets and developing alternative forms of tourism are among the main goals of the government, according to the Minister of Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism, Giorgos Stathakis.

Speaking during the 23rd annual general assembly of the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) on Thursday, Mr. Stathakis revealed the strategic objectives of the government in regards to tourism.

According to the economy and tourism minister, the government’s first priority is to establish and operate the country’s Tourism Satellite Account — the main tool for the economic measurement of tourism — which is currently inactive.

“Without such information, no tourism policy can be implemented reliably on the goals it sets”, he said.

The activation of the Tourism Satellite Account will pave the way for the operation of a Tourism Observatory in Greece.

The government’s second priority sees the development of synergies and partnerships with the central, regional and local authorities to combat tourism seasonality at all levels.

Third, the government is planning to develop and modernize public tourism education, which currently is facing major problems and inadequacies.

Moreover, the economy and tourism minister said that a hotel classification system with a new list of criteria is to be expected in Greece. The new system will be accompanied by a comprehensive complaint management system concerning the classification of tourist accommodation in order to protect the customers.

Mr. Stathakis mentioned that among the strategic tourism objectives of the government is for the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels to evolve into a Tourism and Hotel Chamber by broadening its membership by including other types of tourism enterprises besides hotels.

The economy and tourism minister also noted that tourism investments can be integrated within the new National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) which will begin in June.

Referring to the issue of the government’s negotiations with the country’s lenders, Mr. Stathakis assured that “there will be no tax adjustment that will burden tourism”.

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