“Exemplary conduct”

  • The simple reprimand to students who were behave forcibly to Vangelis Yakoumakis, roused a storm of reactions

Groups of friends of the unfortunate student online, organize a protest march to the Dairy School, at Ioannina.

In vain the public expected from the new Directorate of the School to punish them. Nevertheless the specific students will graduate with “Εxemplary conduct”…

The partner of the show Vasilis Siomos from Ioannina, said that the Management of the Greek Agricultural Organization “Dimitra” has reportedly been bothered by this decision.

According to information the Organisation Management never got the minutes of the relevant meeting for the decision. The new Directorate of School on the other hand, claimed that did not know the content of the SAD finding carried out by the Organization.

The family of Vangelis Yakoumakis watches with indignation the developments. Wonders why they raped simply scold the students, while the file is being studied still by Ioannina Prosecution.


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