Athens’ June payments to IMF total 1.55 bln euros – Tsipras letter disclosed

June looms large as “crunch time” for the radical leftist government in Athens, with installments just to the IMF total 1.55 billion euros next month.
Friday also saw the publication of a letter sent by Greek PM Alexis Tsipras to the “institutions” on May 8, with creditors again warning against “threats” of non-payment. refers to sources pointing to a “hardened IMF stance” and irritation with any possible threat by Athens to skip an upcoming payment as part of “bargaining pressure”.

A payment of 720 million euros to the IMF was completed by the Greek government on May 11 only after a special account was raided, with the same news site claiming that Tsipras was negatively disposed of paying the Fund otherwise.

Here’s what calls Tsipras’ confidential letter, dated May 8, and sent to the leaderships of the ECB, IMF, EU Commission and Eurogroup:


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