FIFA President Sepp Blatter under investigation by FBI

Outgoing FIFA president Sepp Blatter, aged 79, is under investigation by FBI and US prosecutors following a corruption scandal that has rocked the international football scene. News reports that Blatter announced his intention to resign from his post as FIFA president on Tuesday coincides with a probe into his activities following the arrest of 14 FIFA officials.

A person who spoke under the condition of anonymity confirmed that Blatter is being investigated. Last week, there were arrests made that lead to the indictments of former FIFA vice-president Jack Warner, current vice presidents Jeffrey Webb and Eugenio Figueredo, as well as former Concacaf president Nicolas Leoz. Charges include fraud, racketeering and money laundering.

There are hopes that those already indicted would help them gather information about Blatter’s activities. One source said that there is a race to see who will turn against Blatter first so as to ensure greater leniency concerning their own involvement.

Blatter said that he had no concerns in regards to U.S. investigations against him.

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