New Police investigation for the death of Vangelis Giakoumakis

  • The sensational case of 20-year old student Vangelis Giakoumakis that shocked Greece came again in the top news, following the prosecution of murder filed by the Attorney of Ioannina
  • Until yesterday the authorities talked for suicide. They all wonder if there are new evidence and if the new round of investigations opened by the investigating judge, will reveal whether or not murder

There are also prosecutions for the bullying which the young Cretan was accepting to accept without protest at Dairy School. Specifically there are prosecutions for dangerous bodily harm and unlawful violence repeatedly.

The lawyer of the family, Mr. Dimitris Boukas spoke at the camera of “Tunnel” and gave his own version.

The family of the unfortunate student is shocked after the developments and anxiously awaiting the completion of the proceedings in the main hearing, and expressing confidence in the judiciary. They ask the exemplary punishment of the guilty ones.

“Nobody talked about suicide …”

The lawyer of the Yakoumakis family Dimitris Boukas, argued in “Tunnel” that no one talked about suicide in the case, nor the coroner. As he said himself insisted from the beginning on the version of the murder. For the officers of Ioannina said they did very well their job and that he had decided to designate another technical advisor from the family.

Mr. Boukas referred to the contribution of “Tunnel” and the evidence that came to light for the violent incidents against Vangelis. “The public has benefited immensely and Mrs Nikolouli helped greatly to that direction. People opened their mouths and felt the need to help. ”

When he was asked by the journalist what will be the fate of the case if the investigation does not reveal murderers, Mr. Boukas replied, “I prefer to wait till the end of the interrogation and have the result. Bringing some people to justice for the very heavy offense of manslaughter with intent. ”

” The evidence we have so far seemed suicidal”

The private investigator of Yakoumaki family Fontas Vrosgos commented at “Tunnel” for the latest developments of the sensational case. As he said: “There isn’t something about the case. Only the Prosecutor knows why he proceeded to this specific move.

The evidence we have so far, seemed suicidal, ” he said and continued ” We knew the violence of his fellow students against him, which is confirmed by relevant testimonies of students. The prosecution for personal injuries brought by the Prosecutor relates to specific individuals and we know who they are. Some students are from Crete, one from Grevena and others who have graduated from the Dairy School and left Ioannina. Maybe the Prosecutor wants to finally make sure that it is not a murder and remitted the case to the investigating judge for deeper investigation. ”

“I am confused, but the case is proceeding …”

Confusion has resulted in Vangelis family the decision of the prosecution for manslaughter with intent. Originally Coroner and police were convinced that it was suicide and now the authorities speak of murder without naming the perpetrators. The tragic mother in her pain, hopes the investigating judge who is now responsible for the new round of research, give them the answers they expect to justify the memory of their child.

“I’m confused,” said to Angeliki Nikolouli, “but at least now the case progresses. We have confidence in justice. We also want to know more, to know what happened to our child … ” She told to the journalist about the anger she felt when she learned about the decision of the new Directorate of the Dairy School to leave unpunished the fellow students of Vangelis. “I try to keep my dignity for my other children, and for Vangelis” said to Angeliki Nikolouli and concluded:” Those who are responsible for the death of my child they should pay.”

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