Unemployed parents stayed with their minor children on the beach for 18 days

The shocking story of a five-member family from Crete… “Help us, all I want is somewhere to stay and a job to be able to grow up my children,” says an unemployed father from Rethymno to protothema.gr.

The 27 year old Iraklis Moukanis is married with three children, but they were forced to experience the most dramatic nightmare of their lives, as they are homeless, because they could not pay their rent.

“We stayed on a beach for 18 days, as there was no one who could help us. Just imagine me and my wife with three children staying on a beach. I have no money even for the necessities for my family. I had my job, I was working in a supermarket, but unfortunately I had an accident and I stopped working… My daughter could not go to the school in the last few days… I wish to find someone to help us here in Crete”.

Mr. Moukanis published a classified advertisement in a newspaper, asking for milk, food and clothes for his children.

If there is anyone who can help, may call at +30 6943-293638.

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