Official announcement of the Ermonikian preparations

logoThe Athletic Committee of Ermonikia announces officially the preparations for 3rd Ermonikian races in October 2015.

The date of Ermonikia events will be announced during the symbolic ascent to the local mountain of Vorizis in the area of Lampi Rethymnon. “The 2nd mountain meeting of Ermonikia friends, has the purpose to give the motivation for people to enjoy the nature, establishing a yearly outdoor event with a cultural and educational character”.

The trekking excursion to Vorizis will take place in Sunday morning 12th July.  It is open for all, guided by the Hellenic Alpine Club of Rethymnon and the volunteers of Ermonikia. Apart from the picturesque Spili village, the beautiful southern beaches and the freshing sea are in close distance, waiting for the ones who like to continue the feeling of the day.

runningFor more information about Ermonikia, the spirit, the events, the races and the 2nd Mountain meeting, you can visit the page or send e-mail to:

About Ermonikia

Ermonikia is two-days cultural and athletical event, taking place every year in area of Lampi Rethymnon.

The 2nd Ermonikia 2014 was held with big success, having 400 participants from Greece and other countries.

Top athlets, artists, and many visitors came to live the unique experience.

The two-days programm includes 4 running races, presentation of ancient Greek musical instruments, live performance of ancient Greek music, speeches, presentation of the Ancient Greek martial art “Pagration”, horse cavalcade, local trekking excursion, traditional Cretan music and dances.

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