Former NATO commander Stavridis: Greece might turn to Russia

Former US Admiral James Stavridis, who once commanded the US European Supreme Allied Forces, paints a very gloomy picture of the implications of a possible Grexit, writing in an article published in the Foreign Policy magazine.

Stavridis warns of grave geo-strategic dangers if Greece leaves the euro area.

He also expressed disappointment over the ‘blame game’ between Greece and its creditors.

“Let’s face it, Greece out of the Eurozone will be a disgruntled, weary and enraged nation. However, it will continue to be a member of NATO and the European Union, two organizations operating on compromise”, he says.

The danger, as he points out, is that a discouraged Greece would be unwilling to cooperate with NATO and EU partners, something that will stifle the effectiveness of the two blocs. The main concern he raises is that Greece could seek aid from Putin’s Russia, with one result being a veto of EU sanctions against the latter.

A Greece feeling left out and shunned by Europe could inevitably seek aid elsewhere, he warns.

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