Joint statement of party leaders calls for viable agreement

Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos chaired a meeting of political party leaders on Monday, during which Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras briefed them on the initiatives he will take in the immediate future, following the result of the referendum on Sunday.

All party leaders had the opportunity to express their own views and at the end of the meeting they prepared – with the exception of Communist Party leader Dimitris Koutsoumbas who disagreed with the document – the following joint statement:

“The recent verdict of the Greek people does not constitute a mandate for rupture, but a mandate to pursue and consolidate the efforts to achieve a socially just and economically viable agreement.

To this end, the government assumes responsibility for the continuation of negotiations, and all political leaders will contribute, respectively, to this end, within ones’ institutional and political role.

The joint aim is to achieve a solution which will ensure:

– The adequate cover of the country’s funding needs

– Credible reforms, based on the fair distribution of burdens which will promote development, with the least possible recessionary effects

– A strong, front-loaded, growth program, primarily for combating unemployment and encouraging entrepreneurship

– A commitment to start a fundamental debate on dealing with the problem of the sustainability of Greece’s public debt

Restoring liquidity towards the Greek banking system, in cooperation with the ECB, constitutes an immediate priority

The prime minister pledged to brief political leaders immediately after the Summit meeting on the first conclusions to be drawn and the overall progress of negotiations.”


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