PM Tsipras: Greece was an experiment lab for austerity but the experiment failed. I have no secret plan for GRExit

Alexis Tsipras said that on Thursday the Greek government will table concrete proposals for reforms.

Speaking at the European Parliament, Tsipras insisted that he wants  a viable agreement with the EU. “I have no secret plan for Grexit”, he said. I am fighting for Greece to stay in the Euro.

The Greek PM repeated his call for debt relief saying that Greece wants a viable plan, including debt relief because “we want to be in a position to pay our debt and not seek new loans”.

He took on German MEP Manfred Weber who attacked the PM for showing no solidarity. The PM makes the point that German was a beneficiary of a 60pc debt write-off after the Second World War.

“The strongest moment of European solidarity was in 1953, when your country came out of two world wars, and the people of Europe showed the greatest solidarity at the London Conference. That was the most significant moment of solidarity in European history.”

My country was turned into an experiment lab for austerity but the experiment failed” said Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

“The Greek people in the last five years have made an unprecedented effort of adjustment. Of course, a similar effort has also taken place and in other countries and I fully respect the efforts of the other peoples and governments to meet and to decide harsh and difficult measures. Austerity policies have been applied in many countries but they were not so sever and for so long as they were in Greece”, said Tsipras.

The majority of the Greek people feel that they do not have another solution than to break free from this impasse. We claim an agreement with our partners, an agreement however that will give the signal of the final exit from the crisis. An agreement that will foresee credible and necessary reforms, nobody denies it, that will send the burden to those that have the ability to bear it. In the last five years the governments protected them (those who have the ability to bear the burden), the pensioners and the employees bore the burden and they can’t do it anymore”.


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