Tsipras mulls government reshuffle and autumn elections

Alexis Tsipras will make changes in his cabinet early next week after an agreement is reached with creditors for a new bailout and the first package of measures are approved by parliament.

Following the mini-rebellion of Syriza’s hardliners during Saturdays’ parliamentary vote, the Greek PM is said to be considering the replacement of at least two ministers who voted ‘present’, in effect abstaining from the vote.

The ministers in question are Panagiotis Lafazanis, leader of the Left Platform faction within Syriza, and Dimitris Stratoulis.

According to reports, Tsipras considered asking for their resignations immediately after the vote, but finally decided not to trigger developments until Monday in order to focus on reaching an agreement at the EU summit on Sunday.

The Greek PM is also said to be dissatisfied with the stance of Parliament Speaker Zoe Konstantopoulou, where observers say that developments are expected soon.

The prospect of early elections in autumn is also on the agenda of Tsipras.


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