Four arrests in Heraklion, for 28 thefts and burglaries!

Police officers arrested four men (aged 13, 16, 21 and 26) as responsible for 28 thefts and burglaries, in Heraklion.

In particular, policemen saw the four men taking a purse from a car, parked in a parking area, while they were trying to “open” another car a few meters away.

They were arrested and policemen searched them and found several burglary tools.

Furing the preliminary investigation, it was found out that the four burglars, from April 29 to July 18, they have committed 28 thefts-burglaries in cars, taking 5.816 euros, 7 laptops and tablets, 11 cell phones, 2 digital cameras, personal documents and other various objects.

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