Munipality of Kissamos hires security guards to protect Balos

The Municipal Authority of Kissamos will proceed to guard the area of Balos, in an effort to protect the environment and all infrastructure for the services of the visitors.

On Thursday, July 23, the Municipal Authority will conduct an abridged procedure on a lowest-price basis, in the City Hall of Kissamos.

The contractor will be obliged to patrol the protected area (in three shifts, from the entrance to the beach) in a 24-hour basis, all the week, even at night, from a possible “sabotage” and damages to the sunbeds and umbrellas.

Also, there will be some measures for the road access to Balos. Drivers will have to park their cars and motorcycles in a specific place, and they will be obliged to take the bus, if they want to reach the path to the sea.

The Municipal Authority of Kissamos has already started to form the parking area.

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