Germany’s Die Zeit Invites Readers to ‘Say Greeeeeece!’

German newspaper Die Zeit has launched a campaign in support of Greece and is urging readers to visit the country this summer and to share their impressions, photos and videos.

“Please, send us your postcard from Greece. Write to us what experience, what moment, what engagement with your hosts made you very happy. Did you learn anything new? Did you broaden your Greek vocabulary? Did you embrace the Greeks or did they embrace you? What image best captures your summer feelings? And what video message do you address to our readers?” Die Zeit says in its article after presenting the destination.

Die Zeit invites readers to either upload photos and messages via twitter with the hasthtag #PostcardFromGreece, send them by e-mail or even send conventional postcards through the mail to the newspaper.

The newspaper’s online version, Zeit Online, will post a selection of photos and messages on a daily basis, while its print version will publish a feature on the best photos and impressions of readers in late summer.

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