Illegal sunbeds and umbrellas will be removed from the beach of Nea Hora

Police arrested four people, who had illegal sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach of Nea Hora, Chania, after lawsuits by the Municipality of Chania.

Two deputy Mayors, Mr. Giorgos Fraggedakis and Mr. Manolis Kemessidis, along with municipal employees and policemen, went to the Nea Hora on Tuesday morning and realized what is going on, from the beginning of summer.

Workers will remove all illegal sunbeds and umbrellas, in order that all citizens may have free access to the beach.

Although the Association of Shop Owners & Hoteliers of Nea Hora has -repeatedly- informed its members to operate their businesses by the law, many of them are operating illegally, especially on the beach.

Citizens of Nea Hora have already made a complaint to the Mayor of Chania, asking for free access to the beach.

It has to be mentioned that the Blue Flag has already been taken from the beach of Nea Hora, due to a complaint of a British tourist to the Foundation for Environmental Education

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