Greek Destinations That the Germans, French, Italians and Brits Love This Year. French and Italians are in love with Crete

The Germans choose the Aegean islands, the French and Italians love Crete and the Brits are heading to the islands of the Ionian this year.

Research compiled by hotel search site Trivago revealed which Greek destinations are favored this summer by foreign tourists coming from Europe. The research is based on searches made between April 1 and July 19 for travel between July 1 and August 31.

According to Trivago, the Germans’ interest for Greece this summer increased by 17.5 percent compared to last year. Their favorite destination has changed this year as their searches showed that they have their sights set mainly on the Aegean islands. Last year, Halkidiki was their main destination of choice.

Searches for Greek accommodation by the French increased this year by 33.7 percent. Once again, French travelers showed that they have Crete high on their favorite destination list.

The Greek island is also the top destination of choice for Italians, while Halkidiki andCentral Macedonia, in general, came up second on their list of preferred Greek destinations. As a result, this left their last year’s second favorite, the Ionian islands, to slip to third place.

UK holidaymakers also showed a very increased interest to travel to Greece this year, as their searches grew by 30.9 percent compared to last year. For 2015, the islands of the Ionian are among the top choices of the British. Although Crete was among their first choices for holiday last year, their searches for the summer of 2015 were focused on the islands of the South Aegean.

Trivago’s research also revealed that the Serbs this year made many searches for accommodation in Central Macedonia, while the Russians preferred to look up hotels on the islands of the South Aegean.

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