59 year old prisoner was “the boss” of a heroin trafficking ring

A 59 year old prisoner seems to be the head of a heroin trafficking ring.

Police officers in Heraklion arrested a 54 year old man, who was carrying the heroin in his luggage, in the ship from Piraeus.

The 54 year old man along with a 66 year old man (policemen are looking for him) were bringing the heroin from Athens and they were selling it in Herakion.

According to information, Police officers found a metal box, with 156,6 grams of heroin, buried in the yard of a church at Malevizi.

The box was carried there by the 66 and the 54 year old men.

Police officers managed to arrest the 54 year old man just outside the port of Heraklion and after a search, they found:

  • 227 grams of heroin
  • 250 euros
  • 15 mobile phone cards

During the preliminary investigation, it was found out that both men were part of a heroin trafficking ring, operating under the orders of the 59 year old prisoner.

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