Young French saved by the crew of a sailboat

A young French (aged 26) was saved by the crew of “Fantasia” tourist yacht, on the sea area next to Dia island, Heraklion.

The young man was in danger to be drowned, when the captain Mr. Kosmas Koutendakis saw him.

Incident occurred shortly after 11 a.m.

He threw him a lifejacket and managed to rescue him and get him on board.

“He was in critical condition. It was a matter of time to die”, told Mr. Koutendakis to

But, the captain and the tourists on board could not believe what the 26 year old French told them a few minutes later.

“He told us that he decided to swim from Gouves to Dia… It is almost a 10 nautical miles distance”, said Mr. Koutendakis.

A preliiminary investigation is conducted by the local Hellenic Coast Guard Dept.

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