Tax evasion from the shop in the archaeological sight in Knossos

Financial Crime Police found big tax evasion from the shop inside the archaeological sight in Knossos.

It has to be mentioned that owner of the shop is… the Ministry of Culture!!!

During their search, officers of FCP found no receipts from the cash register!

Tourists made complaints to the FCP that they got no receipts, when they bought some souvenirs from Knossos.

The FCP officers went to Knossos as tourists and watched every transaction by the eight employees of the store.

Every time the employees were getting money, they were writing the amount in a book, without issuing any receipts.

When the officers asked for a receipt… the employees of the store told them that the cash register was out of order!

But… officers found out that the cash register was operating… fine. Then, they discovered that the cash register had not been declared in the Tax Office of Heraklion (TAXIS System)!

The employees were keep telling the FCP officers that they were following “orders”.

It has to be mentioned that FCP officers found 534 infringements in just one day!!!

The Ministry of Culture has only two cash registers declared in Tax Office… in all archaelogical sightseeings all over Greece!

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