Ministry to Step Up Parthenon Marbles Battle

Alternate Culture Minister Nikos Xydakis met up with the presidents of the Australian and US committees for the Return of the Parthenon Marbles, as well as with representatives of the Cypriot, British, South African and Swiss committees.

Among others, the agenda included planning the relevant parallel events of the central meeting of all committees dedicated to the cause, to take place in London, next year, which marks the 200-year anniversary since the British Parliament agreed to the concession of the Parthenon Marbles to the British Museum.

On this occasion, the Greek Culture Ministry and the committees worldwide fighting for the return of the Marbles to Greece wish to step up their actions.

During the meetings, Mr Xydakis confirmed the support of the international groups towards the Greek government, which, the minister said, is open to all legal means of pressure available for this request.

For over three decades, Greece has repeatedly called on the British Museum to return the 2,500-year-old marble sculptures that once adorned the Parthenon with all the more groups and figures of international acclaim calling for the return of the Greek sculptures to their birthplace.

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