Mykonos moves to the beat of another planet, but fun comes at a price

Nammos, one of the most famous beach clubs on the planet, with astronomical prices for drinks to match its reputation.

A bottle of water costs 7 euros and a tourist can hire a jeep for 300 euros per day.

Singer Antonis Remos croons on the Nammos stage, inspiring visitors to pop litres worth of champagne at 50,000 euros in a world far removed from the misery of the Greek crisis just a few ports away.

When the Nammos bill comes

■ 20,000 € for the first table near the stage, 3,000 € to be transported there by boat (to avoid the paparazzi)
■ 60,000 € for 15 litres worth of Armand de Brignac champagne
■ 7,000 € for 6 litres of Chateau Romassan wine
■ 3,000 € for a private table for eight and a bottle of vodka without fruit or nuts
■ 500 € for a steak and a fruit salad
■ 300 € a day for a Cherokee or Wrangler jeep
■ 60 € for a neck massage by the beach (this could be worth it!)
■ 17 € for a virgin mojito – alcohol free
■ 18 € for a pizza for two

Who pays such prices to see Remos? Athenian high society for one, as well as rich Arabs, Turks and Israelis. The gulf of Psarou fills with yachts, and the few Greeks – outnumbered in their ranks – fork out 3,000 € for private boat transport so as to avoid the media. Selfies are banned for the night and amongst the few photos allowed for the night are those featuring sexy models such as Greece’s own veteran Evi Vatidou and Lindsay Lohan.

Just a few meters away from Lindsay are the sons and daughters of royal families of the Arab Emirates, businessmen from Lebanon, Turkish entrepreneurs and a catalogue of privilege.

Remos thanks the crowd in English thanking them for supporting Greece by bringing much-needed tourism at a time of difficulty for Greece… but the strains and problems facing the Greek crisis are nowhere to be seen on Mykonos.

Things aren’t cheaper during the day either where a top sun lounge at the beach costs 400 or 500 euros per day, a glass of rose can start at 60 euros all the way up to 800 euros.

And its not just at Nammos either. Scorpios, the new “it” place offers a “cabana” by the beach consisting of four lounge chairs under a tent at 150 euros. At other beaches the usual price for a lounge chair is at 16 euros.

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