“This is the last straw”; our patience and tolerance have finally worn out

We would like to express our rage and frustration for the mockery we have been subjected to, both as Animal Welfare Organizations and as a society as a whole, by the Municipalities, who are by law, responsible for the sterilizing, treatment and adoption of stray animals, and who have yet to fulfil their obligations.

We have extracted nothing but empty promises, assurances, indifference and an incredible bureaucracy for the past year from the Municipality of Chania, and for 5 consecutive years from the Municipality of Platanias from the various civil services of these respective Municipalities responsible for such matters.

The majority of strays, and almost all incidents regarding injured and sick animals as well as an infinite number of puppies and kittens, are in the authority of these Municipalities.

Only a handful of (distraught) volunteers of our organizations endure a daily struggle of far too many incidents resulting in financial, emotional and physical exhaustion.

We are at our wits’ ends and our grievances are met with mere intentions.

It is indeed unfathomable that just yesterday it was decided by the City Council to spend 8.000 euros for the purpose of purchasing musical instruments and another 24.000 euros as payment for the development consultants, whereas there is no financial aid whatsoever for stray animals.

For this reason, we are announcing that as of today, enough is enough.

The following has been decided:

1)A deadline until the end of August will be given to these 2 Municipalities for their veterinary clinics to begin operating,as dictated by law.

The recent decision of the Ministry has grossly oversimplified the prerequisites of facilities where volunteer veterinarians, both of Greek and foreign descent, will be able to offer their services entirely pro bono.


Come end of the month, all incidents concerning injured and sick animals, as well as newborns, will be handed over from us to the Municipalities in charge.Their options will be to either leave them to die, instigating a moral issue of great proportions, or they will be obligated to take them to vets in which case they will be confronted with the full magnitude of the problem at hand.


2)Within the next few days a non-judicial letter enclosing receipts of vets’ bills over the course of the last few months will be issued to these Municipalities. This is money, from our own meagre incomes and from the meagre incomes of only a few of our fellow citizens, which we have spent on injured, sick and poisoned animals.


The Municipalities have yet to spend a dime for all of these cases.


In the event that we are not reimbursed for these current expenses as well as for the vets’ bills which are still pending, we will proceed immediately with a civil law suit against the aforementioned Municipalities.


The Animal Welfare Organizations are comprised of simple, everyday citizens who are not funded by anyone. They are not on the payroll of any civil services and they are obligated to no-one but only to what their conscience dictates to them.


However, this can continue no more.


All these years they have relied on our sense of compassion but it is time for them to be sensitised and consequently take action.


3) Our Organizations are informing the general public that all activity pertaining to animal abuse, for which we frantically run all over the place in a desperate attempt to take handle of an unmanageable situation, is to be ceased.


We have initiated the publicizing of, and contributed to the farthest extent possible, the existence of animal mistreatment and abuse.


From this point on, every formal complaint that we are made privy of, will be forwarded to the local authorities (which have already been informed by us regarding the relative legislature and actions needed to be taken).


In addition, all treatment regarding injured and sick animals will cease.


Our homes and other (impromptu and organised) shelters are suffocatingly full and there are no more volunteers.


Until the end of August, as already mentioned, all fellow citizens wishing to take injured animals to the vet themselves and consequently treat them, will be assisted in whatever way possible in relation to payments of vets’ bills which in turn, will be handed over to the Municipalities.


This situation can no longer continue.


It is high-time that those in charge take responsibility, as dictated by law.


Unlike our own prefecture (with the Municipality of Apokoronas being the only exception) most Municipalities throughout Crete, have created veterinary clinics, continuously castrating/neutering strays free-of-charge.


We will continue to engage in issues concerning proper edification at schools, public awareness, various animal welfare- oriented events, alerting the police and all civil, regional and judicial authorities.


As long as people continue to abandon and, brazenly ignore the process of sterilizing their pets and hence, consistently contributing to this ever-growing problem, strays will be here to stay.


Let us stop pretending they don’t exist as it is us who create and perpetuate these circumstances.


Let us deal with the consequences instead of them.


  • Animal welfare association “Animal Protection”
  • Noah’s Little Arc
  • Noah’s Arc




 Natassa Vyssinou Mpompolaki  –  President of Pan-Hellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation (www.pfpo.gr)

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