Greek passenger arrested, because he was smoking during a flight

Strange incident in a flight of Ryanair, from Thessaloniki to Chania.

According to Omorfa Taxidia Facebook page, a Greek passenger went to the toilet and smoked a cigarette, but he was spotted by the smoke detectors.

One of the air hostesses asked why he did it and his answer was… “leave me alone”.

When the airplane landed to Chania, the captain told the passengers to stay at their seats, because policemen would come to the cabin and arrest the “smoker”.

After a few minutes, three policemen appeared in the cabin and arrested the man.

Passengers of the same flight said a big “Bravo” to Ryanair.

Others said that they saw him smoking in the airport of Thessaloniki!!!

Statutory Instrument no. 61/2006 — Irish Aviation Authority (Operations) Order, 2006, prohibits smoking onboard aircraft at any time.

Ryanair’s aircraft toilets are fitted with smoke detectors, tampering with aircraft smoke detectors or smoking in any part of the aircraft is a serious offence which endangers the safety of the aircraft.

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