February 27, 2021



Tests show Kalyves sewage treatment plant continues to operate safely

In the beginning of the year, Apokoronas council agreed to contract out the running of Kalyves sewage plant to a specialist company with experience in the operation electrolytic treatment process used in the Kalyves plant. A certain amount of maintenance and upgrade work was also carried out by the contractor.

Continuous monitoring and fortnightly testing of the operation of the sewage plant shows that the effluent is processed to a completely harmless clean water before it is released in the sea, thus ensuring the safety of bathers and the marine eco system.

‘The restoration of the safe operation of the Kalyves sewage treatment plant was one of the pre election commitments made to the residents of Apokoronas’ said Mayor Koukianakis in a press statement.

‘Our next target will be to develop a model of environmental management that will ensure we will pass on to the next generation a safe and beautiful countryside’ Mr Koukianakis added.

The cost of the operating contact for the Kalyves treatment plant is less than € 50k a year.


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