A hand grenade, cannabis, knives and hydroponic equipment in the house of a man in Messara

A 42 year old man and three women (aged 25, 23 and 22) were arrested in the Municipality of Festos on Wednesday morning.

Police officers stopped the car of the 42 year old man and found a small quantity of cannabis.

Then, they searched his house and found:

  • a hand grenade
  • a package of cannabis (27,5 grams)
  • a shotgun
  • a knife (14cm)
  • two daggers (15cm each)
  • 84,6 grams of smuggled tobacco
  • a scale
  • 649 seeds of cannabis

In the staircase of the house, Police officers found a specially designed space, with hydroponic equipment, for the cultivation of cannabis.

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