A letter from an Italian tourist to the Municipality of Platanias, for stray animals issue

I am Marzia, an Italian tourist and last week Iasked for help to rescue a stray dog and ill in Maleme.

I am very disappointed and angry because, despite my best efforts, the Authorities have responsibilities towards those who live within its territory is not intervened nor showed any interest when faced with a request for help for an animal in trouble, not fulfilling their obligations.

Crete and its people are wonderful but it really hurts to see these situations where living beings are left to their cruel fate or at the mercy of a fortune that, for many will never come!

Even in Italy in the past there was a similar situation, but today, there are laws and in most cases are applied primarily by authorities.

No inhabitant of the territory (or human, or animal) is left to itself!

The road is long and full of obstacles but the structures you create, prevention to stray (sterilization) can be done, aid volunteers in the area you can always give!

If you want …. it’s impossible and unacceptable that few volunteers may try to stem this tragic situation! Many tourists (increasingly) Europeans are aware of the fact that many Italians are preposterous! not go to Greece for not seeing this!

This helps create a negative vision of your country and of those who inhabit it, not responding to the reality of people, for the most part, available, open to the next, working to eliminate the problem of ill-treatment and stray dogs!

I appeal to you as Mayor but above all as a human being to help swift wing resolution of this situation in its territory.

I am confident that, for my next visits to your country, should no longer see this drama!


Thank you for your listening cordially,


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