Celebrities Talk About their Aldemar Royal Mare Experience

Prominent Turkish TV persona/writer Ece Vahapoglu and Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov were among the very happy guests at Aldemar Royal Mare Hotel on Crete, which they described as a unique experience while lauding its Thalasso Spa facilities.

On a visit to Crete for a “Tourism and Sports” conference, Ms Vahapoglu said she loved the moments of relaxation and the massage treatments offered at the hotel’s Spa Center.

Ms Vahapoglu, lovingly known as Ece by her fans, said she has been to Athens several times as a runner in the Athens Classic Marathon. She added that she wishes to come back to Crete soon to see more of the island and enjoy yet another stay at Aldemar Royal Mare and do some running on the coast nearby.

Astonaut Shkaplerov, meanwhile, took a break from his strict program at the International Space Station (ISS), to chill out on Crete at the Aldemar Royal Mare Luxury Resort inHersonissos.

The Russian cosmonaut said he enjoyed the variety of treatments and massage offered at the hotel’s thalasso therapy center, and said he would give the hotel “a Top 10, because the center has everything a person could possibly need”.

Apart of the spa center services, Mr Shkaplerov enjoyed the resort’s sport facilities and added that he plans to return to Crete soon.

Founded in 1977, Aldemar is one of the leading hotel chains in Greece, with a total 5,500-bed capacity and 1,800 employees.


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