Environmental Initiative in Apokoronas. Turn used cooking oil into diesel!

Since before Easter this year, the Environment Group has been keeping an eye on plans by the Apokoronas Development Company (ΑΠΟΚΟΡΩΝΑΣ ΑΝΑΠΤΥΧΙΑΚΗ ΑΕ ) to set up a programme to convert used cooking oil into biofuel (diesel). The company is wholly owned by and runs under the aegis of the Apokoronas Municipality.

All the necessary paperwork has been done and all of the equipment has been purchased. Something like 30 tavernas are taking part in the scheme to date and they have the necessary containers in which to collect their waste oil.

The very praiseworthy object of the scheme is to produce the fuel and use it to supply local schools with heating oil for the winter. Since the ‘crisis’ money has of course been in short supply and many of the schools have not been able to use their heating facilities during the winter. Obviously therefore, the more used cooking oil that is collected, the more diesel can be produced.

Two things are missing from this plan. The first is recruiting helpers to drive the collection truck (currently based at Vrysses) with a second person on board to help pump the oil from the containers into the storage tank on the truck. A valid driving licence (foreign or Greek) is all that is required for the driver. At the moment, there are only two people doing this and it is, to say the least, a hit and miss affair. This is a picture of a similar truck, but the one used is older! It will carry a 1000 litre tank on the back to take the cooking oil.

Do YOU have the time and inclination, once every two weeks or so, to collect the truck from the Vrysses depot and visit a set list of tavernas to collect the waste oil?

Without your help, the project is likely to fail and that would be a great pity and deprive the school children in the area of the means to keep warm during winter lessons.

The second thing missing is someone to organise the collection rota. Let’s just say that at the moment we are working on that! More important right now is to get additional help, so we are appealing to members of the Environment Group to consider whether they want to help or not. Obviously as with any kind of rota, days and dates can be arranged to suit personal preferences etc and flexibility will be an essential part of the organisation.

PLEASE give this request your serious consideration. Without you, it will all come to nothing. This is an excellent opportunity to put something back into the community in which we live and whose friendship and culture we so much enjoy. If you are interested in learning more about the project before volunteering, or are happy to volunteer now, please contact the Environment Group at environment1939@gmail.com quoting the Subject: Biofuel. It is planned to have a meeting of volunteers with Yiannis Xamonakis and Stavros Stavroulakis to explain more about the project – so please do your best to respond to this appeal. THANK YOU!

Bob Scott – Apokoronas Environment Group

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