“The beach does not belong to Greeks”

Unbelievable incident on a beach at Tympaki.

According to a complaint, made by a woman to mesaralive.gr, she went for swimming to the beach of Afrathias.

On the beach, she found a woman from the Netherlands.

When the tourist realized that the other woman was Greek, she started shouting that the beach does not belong to the Greeks!

The Greek woman told mesaralive.gr that when she tried to talk to her, the other woman was yelling that Greeks should stay at home and not go to beaches owned by Germans and Hollands!

She told me, “Stay at home and think how you can pay your debts”, complained to mesaralive.gr.

“I did not leave from the beach and she started belching and doing obscene gestures to me”, said the woman from Tympaki.

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