Rescuers are living in an ISOBOX in Platanias!

According to an exclusive report of, two rescuers of EKAV (National Direct Help Center – 166) are living in an ISOBOX in front of the City Hall of Platanias.

They both came from Athens, in order to help the local EKAV during August.

Central Service of EKAV told them that they would stay in hotel rooms at Kolimbari, just like summer 2014.

But, there were no rooms left from them!

So, in the first couple of days, they lived in a guest room, at the chapel of Agios Ioannis Erimitis, Marathokefala, Kolimbari!

But, they could not stay there for more and they moved out to the ISOBOX of EKAV in front of the City Hall.

It is obvious that they cannot offer their services in such terrible conditions of living.

Along with the Association of Rescuers of EKAV in Chania, they will make a report to the Central Service of EKAV in Athens, asking to leave Chania as soon as possible.

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