Meeting for stray animals issue in the City Hall of Apokoronas

Representatives of the Panhellenic Animals Welfare Association met on Tuesday with the Mayor of Apokoronas, Mr. Charalambos Koukianakis, and head officers of the local Police Depts. of Apokoronas.

They discussed ways to take measures for the limitation of stray animals and especially the application of the law for the owners of home animals.

“Many owners abandon their dogs and cats. Then, all of these animals born their puppies and kittens and as a result… stray animals raise more and more. Owners have to be responsible and take care for the labeling on their animals, in order to be recorded to the database of the Panhellenic Veterinary Association”, said a member of PAWA.

“We are trying our best in the Municipality of Apokoronas. We have seen enough this summer. Such behaviours are not acceptable on Crete”, said Mr. Koukianakis.


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