PHOTOS: “Haddad 1” was also carrying almost… 50 mil. cigarettes!

Bolivian flagged vessel “Haddad 1, the seized freighter south of Ierapetra, was carrying millions of smuggled cigarettes, except weapons and bullets.

Officers of the Hellenic Coast Gurad completed their investigation and count of all containers in the freighter.

In six of the containers, officers found six of them full of smuggled cigarettes.

In particular, they found and seized 4,936 paper cartons, with 49,347,800 smuggled cigarettes.

tsigara-haddad-7 tsigara-haddad-4

tsigara-haddad-2 tsigara-haddad-1

tsigara-haddad-3 tsigara-haddad-6 tsigara-haddad-8

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