New opinion poll confirms Greek election race is too close to call

A new survey carried by Pulse for the Action 24 television network cofirms the findings of earlier polls saying that next week’s electoral standoff will be close, with the main contenders SYRIZA and New Democracy being neck and neck.

When asked which party they intend to vote for in next week’s elections, the respondents answered:

  • SYRIZA – 26.5%
  • New Democracy – 26%
  • Golden Dawn – 6.5%
  • PASOK/DIMAR – 6%
  • KKE – 5.5%
  • The River – 5%
  • Popular Union – 3.5%
  • Union of Centrists – 3.5%
  • Independent Greeks – 2%

SYRIZA’s Alexis Tsipras (35%) is considered to be more suitable for the position of Prime Minister than ND’s Evangelos Meimarakis (33%).

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