Ellinair Launches Direct Thessaloniki-Izmir Route

Greek carrier Ellinair announced the launch, starting September 24, of bi-weekly flights from Thessaloniki to Izmir in Turkey, on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

A member of the Mouzenidis Travel Group, Ellinair recorded successful results for the summer season with the overall occupancy of domestic routes exceeding 72 percent in just three months of operation, the company’s Commercial Manager Stavros Daliakas said during a special presentation last week in Thessaloniki, of the group’s new travel deals.

Mouzenidis’ latest tours include the four-day “Magical Izmir” introducing visitors to the city’s culture, monuments and markets and the five-day “7 Churches of Ionia”.

Greece-based Ellinair was founded last February, and offers direct international flights from the airports of Thessaloniki and Corfu to Ukraine, Russia, Latvia and now Turkey.

Mouzenidis Travel is based in Thessaloniki and is active in real-estate, tourism, aviation and gastronomy.


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