Opinion poll: New Democracy edge ahead of Syriza

New Democracy party received a 27.5% support rate, narrowly beating Syriza party’s 27%, in the latest poll by Pulse for Action 24 TV, days ahead of Sunday’s general election.

Tuesday’s poll, collated on Monday and Tuesday, was the first to take account of voter reactions to the final televised head-to-head debate between the parties’ leaders, Vangelis Meimarakis and ex-prime minister Alexis Tsipras, on Monday night.

It was only the third time in 20 polls this month that New Democracy has led, and the first since September 4, suggesting Meimarakis fared better in the debate than his main rival.

The far-right Golden Dawn party and socialist PASOK ranked joint third on 6.5%.

The poll also puts To Potami and the Communist party KKE at 5%, Popular Unity at 3.5%, the Union of Centrists at 2.5% and the Independent Greeks at 2%.

The proportion of undecided voters was 7%, lower than in recent polls.


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