New Greek government announced. Three Cretan MPs in two Ministries

The new Greek government was announced by SYRIZA MP and new government spokesperson Olga Gerovasili. The new government is expected to be sworn in Wednesday at 10am:

  • Prime Minister: Alexis Tsipras
  • Government Vice-President: Yiannis Dragasakis
  • Minister of the State: Nikos Pappas
  • Minister of Interior: Panagiotis Kouroumblis
  • Minister of Finance, Development and Tourism: Giorgos Stathakis
  • Finance Minister: Euclid Tsakalotos
  • Minister of Education, Research and Religious Affairs: Nikos Filis
  • Minister for Citizen’s Protection (public order): Nikos Toskas
  • Deputy Minister for Immigration Policy: Nikos Mouzalas
  • Minister of Culture and Sports: Aristides Baltas
  • Minister of Labour and Social Affairs: Giorgos Katrougalos
  • Minister of Environment and Energy: Panos Skourletis
  • Minister of Health and Welfare: Andreas Xanthos (Deputy Minister: Pavlos Polakis)
  • Minister of National Defense: Panos Kammenos
  • Minister of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks: Christos Spirtzis
  • Minister of Justice, Transparency & Human Rights: Nikos Paraskevopoulos
  • Minister of Maritime Affairs and Island Policy: Thodoris Dritsas
  • Minister of Rural Development and Food: Vangelis Apostolou
  • Government spokesperson: Olga Gerovasili

Greek PM drafts two presidential decrees re-establishing key ministries

Key ministries previously merged with other portfolios have been re-established and renamed through two presidential decrees drawn up by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Tuesday, which introduce a number of changes to the organisation of central government.

The changes split up the former Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism ‘super-ministry’ – which has been renamed the Economy, Development and Tourism Ministry – and create two additional autonomous ministries. One is the Infrastructure, Transport and Networks Ministry and the second is the shipping ministry, which has been renamed the Shipping and Island Policy Ministry.

The Culture, Education and Religions ministry has been renamed the Education, Research and Religions Ministry.

Also split up is the former Productive Reconstruction, Environment and Energy ‘superministry’ – which had previously merged the agriculture, environment, energy and industry portfolios. This is now renamed the Environment and Energy Ministry, while the Agricultural Development and Foods Ministry becomes an autonomous ministry in its own right and the General Secretary for Industry is transferred to the Economy, Development and Tourism Ministry.

Another change is the transfer of the General Secretariat for Combatting Corruption headed by Giorgos Vasiliadis and all the agencies it supervises to the Justice Ministry, under the supervision of the justice minister.

Greece’s Council of State, the top administrative court, said the two presidential decrees issued by Tsipras, re-establishing and renaming four key ministries, were approved, according to an announcement on Tuesday. The Court also noted that the decrees should include a provision making clear that supervised bodies will also be transferred under the relevant ministries.

with info from Proto Thema and ANA-MPA


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