Is this an animals s-HELL-ter?

Our readers M.K. and C.P. sent us a video from Facebook, showing a place in Agios Nikolaos, showing many dogs in a fenced area, with no food or water.

They made us the following complaint:

“…there used to be a known hoarder in Agios Nikolaos called Billy! He collected dogs, let them have puppies and some of them he sold to hunters, others threw in the bin… He used to live with his dogs in an unfinished building but when the neighbours complained to the police the public prosecutor ordered the dogs to be transferred elsewhere.. without even asking where..The municipality offered to help with the transfer and took the dogs to a field that someone offered temporarily for the dogs..the dimos plan was to transfer the dogs to their public shelter in September..but that was only words..they never took care of the food and sterilisation..puppies everywhere.. Now that the weather has changed the dogs will die! The vice mayor kept adding to the problem by taking more stray dogs that he had complaints about to the shelter… the dogs were 25-30 at first and now they are about 50 (I don’t know their real number)…We have filled a suit against dimos and the hoarder Billy and waiting for the district attorney to start the procedure… the dogs can’t wait though… they will die… If anyone of you can help in any way they think please do it!!!” asked the Mayor of Agios Nikolaos, Mr. Antonis Zervos about this matter and told us “we transfer the dogs in this area and we gave tehm food and water, but we are not responsible for everything. We are trying to make our own animals shelter, but it is very difficult under those economic circumstances. Web users should not upload this video… they had to come to the City Hall and discuss the issue”.

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