“Look after the animals on Crete”

Another letter to the Mayor of Agios Nikolaos, Lassithi, Mr. Antonis Zervos, after our report for the “Animals s-HELL-ter of Agios Nikolaos (see here and here).

Dear Mayor Antonis Zervos and the media,

I was planning on spending 12 days on Crete with 3 of my friends in March and April 2016 and had hotel bookings. I have cancelled those bookings now.

I am so shocked by the photos and reports of neglect of the animals on Crete that I cannot bring myself to go and view the atrocities going on on your island.

The conditions in the dog shelter in Agios Nikolaos are utterly unacceptable. The general care and wellbeing of the stray animals are equally unacceptable.

The pictures on Facebook and in the press are a shame for your district and for all of Crete and Greece!

Please immediately do something to drastically improve the life of these poor animals (food, water, parasite medication, shade, protection from rain and wind, etc.). They need proper medication and vaccinations!

Furthermore, neutering and spaying of the dogs is absolutely essential – not just in this shelter but for all stray dogs: male and female!I plan on sharing this news far and wide and fast. If and when there is good news, I will share the good news equally as far and wide and fast.

Please, please, please do something about the condition of the animals on Crete, they do not deserve to be neglected or treated badly.

As a country that depends on tourism for a huge proportion of its GDP, animal care is as important as beautiful beaches and scenery. Nobody wants to go to a place where animals are neglected or treated badly.

Nobody wants the beautiful holiday spoiled by the heartbreak of animals in pain or distress.

Animal neglect is a crime.

Animal lover,

Lynette van Duyn

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